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    peter Ode

    Hello, Please help me to resolve some issues I’m having with your AjaxSearchPro plugin
    AjaxSearchPro plugin installed at http://FlexBuy.store
    >> I repeat the questions text below in the attached PDF document <<
    >> Open the PDF with the same password as for the FTP user. <<

    (1) duplicate output – The output area within the green square seems to respect the user’s settings in the left sidebar when changes are made. But, why are the duplicate areas (in RED square and in YELLOW square) showing? I do not want duplicate output. Please let me know what the problem is? Or is it a bug? I’m new to your AjaxSearchPro plugin so suspect my settings are not correct. Please advise.

    (2) filter settings – It took a lot of trial-and-error to get any products to display. I finally

    (3) settings order – I wan to have the Categories hierarch display at the top of the left settings column and move the Manufacturer (customer fields) just below Categories settings that I want at the top. How do I sequence these settings groups?

    ((also, a feature request: Each settings group would be nice to have in an accordion so I can compress or expand each group, for example compress or expand the Manufacturer group))

    (4) formatting – Under the ThemeOptions/OverallBoxLayout I tried loading a different Theme but it did not make a difference. Is something wrong? After I make settings on this page/tab, do I need to Export if I change to another Theme and then come back to my original theme? What I really want to do is have control over the search output so I can add things like [Add to Cart] buttons, [Details] buttons or links so I can send the user to a product detail page and do other formatting to make the search output help with sales-styles. Please let me know how I can alter the search output style and content?

    Please see attached PDF (open it with the same password as provided for the FTP)

    For your information…
    I want the default behavior, when the home page loads, to automatically display search output that includes all settings. Therefore, I entered the search term “GB” into the Phrase field in AutoPopulate in the Layout Options/SearchBoxLayout page.

    Is this the best approach to auto-populate the search results based on the settings?

    Thank you for your help.
    I am on the PST (North American Pacific Coast) time zone so hope I can use your detailed responses and guidance when I awake in 7 hours. thank you.

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the detailed description and the log-in details, it helps me a lot.

    1. It’s happening because the same exact custom shortcode is used 4 different times on each tab you have. The plugin will detect the results shortcode on the first tab and move everything there, that’s why it appears to be duplicated.

    The solution is to simply create 4 different search instances for each tab (Laptop, Gaming, Home entertainment, Appliances). You can just simply duplicate the first search instance 3 times and use the two column shortcode for each instance in each tab: https://i.imgur.com/Fjy7xqi.png

    2. Your question might be missing?

    3. You can change the settings group order on the Frontend search settings -> Advanced panel: https://i.imgur.com/hQWCJm1.png

    4. I just tried to load the “Simple isotopic Red” theme, but it’s working for me: https://i.imgur.com/SiRq15s.png
    I’m using google Chrome as browser.

    The theme changes are not saved, until you save the search settings, so you can experiment them freely. The original theme is the “Default” from the list. So unless you have specific changes, you don’t have to export it, you can just go back to the default any time.

    For basic static content modification you can use the “Advanced title field” and the “Advanced description field”: https://i.imgur.com/tkoB8EV.png

    Specific control over output (like adding cart buttons and other dynamic things) will most likely require to create a filter to append them to the product description. You can check the following articles on this topic:
    – Knowledge base: Add to cart button for vertical and horizontal results layout
    Results templating (to modify results HTML layout)

    Ernest Marcinko

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