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    Not sure if this is being posted in the correct place so please move if neccessary!

    I see there have been a couple of requests for search results to be shown on a different page and I think the plugin would certainly benefit from something along those lines.

    As searches are done with ajax, page refreshes don’t happen so a variable passed via the url shouldn’t be an issue. An initial search variable could be sent to the page using the usual ?variable=whatever method and $_POST/S_GET processed on $( document ).ready().
    This wouldn’t impact further searches as .ready() is only fired on page load and it won’t load again for further searches unless the refresh button is clicked.

    E.g. search box on one page which sends the user to target page with /?searchterm=whateverwastypedin appended to the url.

    I appreciate that clicking a link to a search page and then entering a search term there is virtually no more effort than entering a search term and being automatically taken to the search page but I think there’s a big physchological advantage.

    Having to go to the search page to do a search seems like you can only search in one place on the website and has a restrictive feel to it whereas being able to enter the search term on any page and get taken to a results page (where you can also search) feels much more comprehensive and professional.
    I know the plugin is awesome and can show search results inline as it were, often negating the need for a seperate results/search page but sometimes that may be inappropriate (due to styling/content/theme/client preference)

    Anyway, just a thought!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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