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    To whom it may concern

    I really love your program, but I am having a problem, with getting the items I search for, I have a lot of files pdfs, posts, pages, and tablepress. With tablepress is say page not found. Also when someone searches for some specific they always have to scroll down so far to find it, shouldn’t it show the exact math at the top and similar items below it. I have tried to fix the problem but no luck. I have attached two photos searching for an article and if I click on hfn library it always says page not found. How do I fix that I have a lot of librarys.

    Can you help

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    Thank you for all the details, I have found some errors in your configuration, and I have corrected them to make I think according to your needs:
    – The ordering was not set by relevance, I have changed that back to the default:
    – I also enabled a more strict keyword logic:
    – The index table was generated, but not enabled. I have enabled them for both post types as well as attachments.
    – I have changed the ordering so that attachments are shown before post types:
    – I have removed the tablepress_table post type from the items to return, as those are not separately working post types, but embedded in posts/pages. The index table has already indexed all the embedded tables in them.

    I think this is the most strict and probably the best configuration for your needs. It is still not perfect of course, but it should do the trick.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    I will check it out and thank you for your help.

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