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    I am having continual issues with your plugin and HTTPS. I really need to get this resolved in order to finish my website. Currently, HTTPS is supporting a full padlock in all internet browsers; however, there is a warning being displayed on each browser (Chrome specifically – located on the far right side of the URL) that states “This page includes script from Unauthenticated Sources”. When I go to More Tools>JavaScript Console it shows that all errors are coming from the AJAX Search Pro plugin because insecure content is coming from HTTP. Please refer to the included image for reference:

    You have made some changed to my plugin specifically because of theme compatibility issues, and I am not sure if these changes are causing the issue. I would like you to fix this issue, as I do not feel comfortable with the current script warning on each page of my website. Please advise



    I see that you have not responded to this post at all, and it has been 14 days, or two weeks with no response. Do you have a fix for this or not? I have had nothing but problems with your plugin since the get go, and I really need this fixed. Also, if I delete your plugin and try to reinstall it, I get the same error that we were dealing with originally (the only way for me to fix that is to revert back to a saved version of the website), and you still have not explained to me how to fix the website from breaking when the plugin is first installed. I need these issues resolved or I will need to ask for a refund.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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