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    I have alot of issues regarding getting the results to show on the plugin.

    For example:
    -Most of the times when i search for a specific keyword such as “iphone” it will go on a infinite search loop and show no results.
    -When i type the keyword “iPhone 7″ it will show plenty of results instantly (even results that dont correspond with the search term used other then the word iPhone”
    – When using the “iPhone 7” search term i will get results from products ONLY from iPhone 7, but the taxonomies will show whatever suits the searchers mood, so i get results such as iphone 11, iphone 12, iphone 13 etc.
    – When i then search for “iphone 12″ i get instant results again, only showing all the iphone 12 series aswell as all the parts for the iphone 12 series, but no iphone 7, iphone 11, iphone 13 etc.
    – When i search for iphone 11, i once again get NO results and stays in an infinite search loop again, while it showed up on when i was searching for ” iphone 7″ and has no number 7 in its title or description or whatsoever.
    – Weird small fact; the keyword “iPhone 11″ was working fine up untill about 1 hour ago, and now it shows no results anymore and stays in the infinite search loop.

    What is happening?

    I noticed that when i activated the search statistics that the keywords i type in (with live seach activated ofcourse) will register the iphone 7 and iphone 12 once using it as a search term but it will not register the iphone 11 or some other model keywords that show no results and have the infinite search loop.

    When i disable the ” trigger live search” on action when clicking on the magnifier icon and use the results page it WILL show the search term used in the search statistics and it will also come up on top of the search list, but then whatever model i type in, iPhone 8 or iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, it will always show every possible product and taxonomy that has the word iphone in it.

    The search page is not my biggest concern, i am not planning on using this. I am however wondering why this inconsistency in results is happening.

    Something is definately not working properly and i need to find out what it is, any suggestions?


    So a small update.
    I made a private page with a new search entry ( )

    I didnt change any settings other then add post type search entries and taxonomy terms search.

    What i noticed:
    When i search for iphone 7 (all lowercases or with capital P) it will show everything iPhone 7 related.
    When i search for iphone 11 it will again show nothing.. BUT when i use capital P and search for iPhone 11 it shows results..?!
    On the new loader, when i search for iPhone 8 it shows nothing (stays loading) when i type in iphone 8 a1863 (the full taxo name) it shows results?!
    — When i type in iphone-8 it will instantly give me a result saying it cant find anything and shows the “did you mean” page, but once i remove the – and add the space it goes on a infinite loop again.

    Some of these “tricks” dont work on the top search bar but do work on this new search bar so again.. very inconsistent things happening here.

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    Thank you for the details, I logged in and found the issue.

    Actually it was not only a settings related problem. The PHP json_encode function simply failed when tried to convert the results to the script. I looked it up, and there was a single non UTF-8 character cutoff within one of the queried fields, and that basically completely made the JSON encoding fail. I have added a line of code to fix that, it was luckily nothing too complicated. I will make sure to include this fix for the upcoming release. This never came up in the past 10 years, so there is always something new to fix.

    As for the settings, I have disabled the search cache as well as the custom ajax handler. You can enable the cache later, but part of the inconsistent results was, that the plugin was actually able to display some of the cached result sets for different queries, when others already failed due to the JSON encoding.

    Ernest Marcinko

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