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    Hi Ernest,

    Let me tackle 2 things in this message:

    1) Would you please shed some light on how I could get 2 columns of filters when a user hits the settings button? I have quite a long list of filters and it runs out of screen. I’d like to have multiple columns instead (I’m attaching an image to illustrate what I want). Also, I noticed on the demos on your site, filters using categories have a really nice scroll bar, but I’m not using any categories as filters, I’m using custom fields instead. Is there a way I can get a similar result? I’m referring to the scroll bar you can see on this page under filter by categories.

    2) I noticed my site was getting mixed content warnings on the browser, because the checkout page was over HTTPS and some files were being loaded thru HTTP. I tracked it down to be some .woff and .eot files from Ajax Search Pro and I fixed the source code to properly load the files thru HTTP/HTTPS, so I’m providing you the changes I’ve made in case you want to incorporate them in future releases. Changes have been made on file css/style.shared.css.php
    Here you go:

    lines 30 and 31

    src: url(‘<?php echo substr_replace(‘http:’,”,plugins_url()); ?>/ajax-search-pro/css/fonts/icons/icons.eot’);
    src: url(‘<?php echo substr_replace(‘http:’,”,plugins_url()); ?>/ajax-search-pro/css/fonts/icons/icons.eot?#iefix’) format(’embedded-opentype’), url(‘<?php echo substr_replace(‘http:’,”,plugins_url()); ?>/ajax-search-pro/css/fonts/icons/icons.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(‘<?php echo substr_replace(‘http:’,”,plugins_url()); ?>/ajax-search-pro/css/fonts/icons/icons.ttf’) format(‘truetype’), url(‘<?php echo substr_replace(‘http:’,”,plugins_url()); ?>/ajax-search-pro/css/fonts/icons/icons.svg#icons’) format(‘svg’);

    That removes the http: at the beginning and leaves the URL with a valid format, starting with // /and therefore inserting the files thru HTTPS when thats the case).

    Thank you advance for your support and best regards,


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