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    Hi Ernest,

    I am using ASP and you had helped me with the setup a few weeks ago, somehow my account and tickets vanished so i have to do it again. Fortunately I had the purchase code in the Envato email

    I am using the theme (kleo) search box (which you had helped set up with some changes which you had mentioned would be in the updates but now all the tickets also have disappeared!

    Anyway, my query right now is that i want to hide the ajax results and only show results in the search page. I am still seeing ajax results and i am not sure if these are from the theme saerch or from ASP.

    Secondly, i am currently set up for regular engine (i would like to use index), but it is not showing post and post types resutls though i have set these in source. is htere anything to be done except setting on General and creating/updating the indext table?

    Thirdly, my results are all weird . says “19 results” but i see fewer, and ONLY comments are shown not posts/postypes, members, buddypress activities – i had just now activate the search settings but i do not see those either, so how/where to see these? and i remember you had said the settings are there even if not shown so that is probably affecting the results, but i dont have the reference of your earlier advise as that has disappeared!

    Please suggest how to fix these. thanks!



    Hi Vivek,

    Yes, sorry about that, there was a major data issue at our hosting provider, and many tickets from the last 30-35 days have vanished, along with user data.

    I assume you are reffering to these results, but those are not from ASP, that is a different search bar, probably built into the theme or something similar.

    The 2nd and the 3rd issue was I believe related to an unneccessary content type filter you had active. I don’t think you needed those, so I removed them (Frontend search settings -> Content type filters tab).
    Then I switched to the Index Table, and now I see a lot of new results, as well as none of them seems to be missing either.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thanks very much, Ernest.

    You are right about the ajax results- that is from the theme search. I hid the ajax results using CSS, however the issue with the theme search input without ajax results is that there is no magnifier so user has to press enter to search – so that is not optimal

    When I had installed ASP a few weeks ago, you had suggested and done some workaround to replace the theme search with ASP – I remember there were some options you had suggested which did not work with the Geodirectory advanced search which i also have on the site, and then you had done some ‘trick’ to set this – now sadly that information is gone and i dont remember what exactly you had done.

    There seems to be some issue with the way the theme search is replaced and/or the Filter by content type. I do want to have filter by content type as users may be interested only in directory listings and not buddypress discussions and vice versa.

    With the Filter by content type active, when i type ‘bishop’ in the theme header search it shows no results and the ASP search box with settings appear on no results page. However, now if i type ‘bishop’ in the ASP box then i get the 6 results – same as the case if Filter by content is turned off.

    So basically i want to achieve the following:

    1. Use the theme icon in header
    2. Use ASP with filter by content settings (preferably the ASP input box also, so magnifier is available for action)
    3. without ajax results
    4. without interfering with geodirectory search
    5. Ideally, also have the ASP search bar at teh top of the results page, so that users can use the fitlers and search again if they find too many irrelevant results.

    Do please let me know if these can be achieved – thanks very much for your help with this!



    Just checked in functions.php you had added this code:

    add_filter(‘get_search_form’, ‘asp_replace_search_form_no_option’, 9999999, 1);
    function asp_replace_search_form_no_option( $form ) {
    return do_shortcode(‘[wd_asp id=1]‘);

    You cannot access this content. Best,
    Ernest Marcinko

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    You cannot access this content.


    Thank you for the details.

    The Geodir search should be all right, the fix is there again. I can’t find however any specific code to replace the theme header search. Can you please ask the them developer if there is a specific “hook” I can use for that? Thank you!

    I am going on a weeks vacation, I would not be able to answer then. Feel free to leave your response here, and I will answer as soon as I am back, very likely on the 9th of september (monday).

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

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