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    When using ASP on this site, the search is giving some 404 errors with the pagination whenever multiple word search terms are used. This can be tested with the search bar in the header of the site.

    For example, if you search the term “well“, results are returned as expected and the pagination works as expected. However, if you search “well child“, the first page of results returns as expected, but then any pagination links clicked come back with a 404 error. This seems to be a consistent bug that we can recreate. For instance, you get the same issue if you search “office” vs “office visit“.

    The ASP plugin is up to date and this error occurs with the standard WP theme activated as well, so it does not seem to be theme related. We’ve also tested any plugins conflicts by turning off every non-essential plugin, with only ASPro active, and on the TwentyTwenty theme, this error is still present.

    Due to security reasons, I am unable to give admin access to this site without an email and the WP login URL has been updated. I can provide any screenshots of settings pages you would like and if you provide me with an email for your support team, I can look into getting you admin access that way.


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    Thanks for the details. I have noticed some weird behaviour, as well as possible configuration issues:
    1. There are other search plugins active as well, Search & Filter and the Pro version. I strongly recommend having only one search related plugin active.
    2. When visiting the results page via URL, when the plugin override does not activate, there does not seem to be any pagination, for example:
    This leads me to think, that the results count on the results page might be set by the theme somewhere, to possibly a high number.
    3. The other search bar on the bottom of the page seems to be working all right, the only difference I see is the override method. Can you please change that to GET on the header search as well? I’m almost sure it will resolve the issue.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Hi Ernest,

    1. Agreed, unfortunately, with how this site was built, both of these plugins are deeply integrated into multiple parts of the website. Too many hands in the cookie jar with this site if you know what I mean. I have tested this issue with Search + Filter Pro disabled and the problem is still present, so I don’t believe they are conflicting with one another.

    2 and 3. I wasn’t able to find any excessively high result counts in the theme, but changing that override method from POST to GET definitely did the trick!!

    Thank you so much for your help!

    You cannot access this content. Best,
    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

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