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    I was wondering whether your plugin can do the following:

    1. I have a page on which I have put search instance with name X. It has two drop-downs – Where? – When?

    2. I answer those questions by choosing an answer from the options available to me when I click on the drop-downs.
    For example:

    Where> Europe
    When > Spring

    I would like the result to be a search instance with name Y.

    3. Here I’m presented with drop-downs, sliders, radio buttons, etc.

    For example:
    Drop-down (Activities) > Hiking, bar crawl, etc.
    Slider (Price) > $100 – $3000, etc.

    I choose and another search instance with name Z is shown with option for cities.

    4. The last result page will dispplay a bunch of WooCommerce products.

    Also, while making my way through the search instances, is it possible to remember all of the choices?

    I hope I have presented my question as clearly as possible.

    Alexander Banderov


    Hi Alexander,

    I think I understand what you are looking for, but unfortunately this is way beyond the plugins capabilities. I usually try to recommend an alternative solution/plugin if possible, but I think in this case the best possible option is a custom developed plugin – as I don’t think there is any plugin out there capable of this exact scenario (I’m not sure).

    For custom coding, I recommend this service, feel free to ask them – they are a dedicated team of WordPress plugin developers, they might be able to give you a suggestion and a price as well.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Hello Ernest,

    Thank you for your answer and for your suggestion.

    I will figure something out 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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