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    Hi Ernest,

    I noticed on the search page that when I click Marker Category it shows only 10 results while there are 40 portfolios that match it.
    I went then to General Options > Behaviour and changed 10 to 40, this seem to fix the issue for now. But it raises some other questions, which are important:

    1. I thought this number would limit the number of items initially displayed , but would not affect the total number returned.
    There will be 2000 portfolio posts on the site and I don’t know what the final number will be (It is a museum)
    Does that mean I have to set the number in General Options > Behaviour > Max. results to 2000?

    2. Question about pagination. What will happen if the number of ‘navigation pages’ returned exceed the length of the search bar?
    I’ve attached the file 123.jpg to illustrate the area that I have a question about. Currently three are 4 navigation pages returned, but what will happen if there will be 40 pages like this or 80. How will they fit into the search bar?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I would highly not recommend increasing the results to over 100, even less. First of all the ajax response would get so big, that the browser could not handle it, and the images displayed would also take extreme bandwidth, probably freezing the browser.
    The isotope script would probably fail as well, I don’t think it was ever tested over 100 items by it’s author.

    The pagination would break a line, it’s not yet prepared for high amounts of pages unfortunately.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    HI Ernest, got a couple of questions still:

    1. So it is true – the max result IS the number that actually limits the number of items being displayed?
    2. What other options do I have with your plugin? Will horizaontal display be able to handle a thousand results?




    1. Yes, it’s the argument passed to the database query. The lower, the better. Low limit usually speeds up the response.
    2. Well, I would not recommend that either. Displaying so many things at once on one page is not a good idea, you would get similar problems with each layout.

    For this task, I would consider some kind of infinite ajax scrolling and filtering plugin, if anything like that exists. Something like that would only display for example 20 products at once, and if the user clicks on the next page or “show more” button, it would dynamically load more. He could then paginate through all the 2000 products without crashing the browser – because only 20 is displayed at one time, and others are not.

    I’m not sure if a plugin like this exists though.

    The search was not exactly made for displaying large numbers of data, it’s rather an search engine to display quickly a few possible results for the user in real time.

    Ernest Marcinko

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