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    hi, your plugin rocks! the most complete related post ever!

    on my site, with default width, 1 row could contain 4 relalated posts.
    i want to have bigger size related post, so 1 row will only contain 3 related posts. how can i change that? where can i find this feature?

    if i put the related post on widget with shortcode, do you have the skin? i mean with horizontal view, rather than default vertical view like after content related post.





    i found out where to change the size. and just read your reply on other post that widget is being prepared.

    now i have another question, how to make this plugin more responsive, i want the item width to be responsive like slick mode, occupying all container width, and also showing all item together, like on isotopic mode, 2 rows of related posts rather than 1 row with some rp hidden.
    i’ve tried several css modifying but can’t make it happen.

    thanks a lot for your help!

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    In case you are using the isotopic layout, I would suggest to try 50% width for the items.
    Try to force it with this CSS code:

    .rpp_item {
       width: 50% !important;

    I’ve tried this, and it looks like it works, at least on my test environment.
    Full width window size:
    Smaller window size:

    I’m not sure how this would work on more elements, it might not.

    Since there is a margin and padding as well on the box, the items may appear as non full width, but I figured out an elegant way to make the container appear without padding like this:

    Go to the Theme Options -> Container Layout panel. Then set a negative margin on the left and right of the box. In my case it was -10px, but you might have to experiment. Also, set 0px for the left and right padding of the box. Here is how I have it:

    That should stretch the container to width where the items appear to occupy the whole width of the post.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    it WORKS! 😀 i missed this percentage width yesterday. haha.
    i put the width on theme default width location, not on custom css. i put 33.33% because i want 3 posts each row (6 total)
    for smaller screen, using percentage causing the related posts too small, so i change it to 50% for screen under 520px using @media screen and (max-width: 520px). although i know 520px isn’t the correct @media screen size for mobile.

    i can’t make the rpp box (rpp_item) full width, i put frame on the rpp_wrapper, in fact i want it to be more right, inline with the paragraph
    any idea to push the rpp_item a little bit right for left item and a little bit left for right item? can’t use margin because the margin between box will be too big, and can’t use margin-left or margin-right because on smaller screen will change to 50%




    just find a solution to this one.


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