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    I have a food/grocery ecommerce store and in this example, Im searching for “Cream”

    I have a product category called Cream e.g Home/Dairy/Cream/ with 36 “Cream” products listed here e.g “Brakes Fresh Double Cream”
    I have a product category called Soup e.g Home/DryStore/Soup/ with 64 “Soup” products listed here e.g “ Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup”
    I have a product category called Napkins e.g Home/CateringSupplies/Napkins/ with 67 “Napkin” products listed here e.g “Brakes Cream 3 Ply Napkin”

    When I search for “Cream” the products are not appearing in the order I want. For example the “Brakes Fresh Double Cream” may not appear until 75, Despite having a category of cream as well as product title including cream. However, the “Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup” may appear at 12?

    My expectation is that if I am searching for “Cream” is that I am searching for “Cream” under Dairy. I have a category called “Cream” I have products with “Cream” in the Product Title.

    I would want to see ALL Products with Cream in the product title under the category Cream first i.e 36 Cream Products followed by any other products with Cream in title/content etc.

    If im searching for “Cream Soup”, then of course I would expect that Heinz Cream Soup would appear higher up because we have a category called Soup and we have a Product Title called “Heinz Cream Soup”.

    The same is true if I am searching multiple words e.g “Cream Alternative”. I have 12 products under this category but if i search “Cream Alternative” the first 4 products returned are correct but then i have 30 ice creams, salad cream, cream biscuits and then a few more products form the cream alternative category.

    Is there anyway to weight Product Title that contains BOTH WORDS + CATEGORY match returns first, then EITHER WORDS + CATEGORY match, then EITHER WORD in the product title/content?

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    First, I suggest configuring and enabling the index table engine. That will index all the neccessary information, each keyword individually. Once configured, make sure it is enabled.

    Then, picking the correct keyword logic is the key. The default logic should be okay for most cases, but I may recommend try a bit more strict variation, such as “AND with exact keyword matches” as primary and an “AND” or “OR” as secondary, whichever fits best:

    Then adjusting the weight of the keywords. The content keywords are not that important to you, so I would tone that down, and increase the terms weight, something like this:
    That will highly prioritize the taxonomy term keywords, even if the content has a lot of occurences of the given keyword.

    Ernest Marcinko

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