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    Right now, when I get results, it only returns 7 results without any vertical scroll bar. Attached you will find a screenshot. I know there’s more because if I enable the More Results link then the link shows up at the bottom which when clicked takes me to another page with all the matches. Are there settings that can change:

    1. The height of the results window

    2. The number of results initially returned

    Is what I want only possible with custom CSS? I’m using version 3.5 and the layout is vertical. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to know. Thanks.

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    Yes there are settings.

    1. It’s the viewport size. If it’s set to 7, then the scrollbar will only appear if there are 8 or more results. The initial value is 4. You can change this setting on the General Option -> Behavior -> Results box viewport (in item numbers) option.

    2. It’s adjustable just under the previous setting: General Option -> Behavior -> Max. results option.

    If the Max results count is bigget than the viewport, the scrollbar is displayed.

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    Thanks Ernest. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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