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    ftp folder

    Hi ernet, good morning,
    please try to search and click on the results to open link.
    please fix untill link is working



    It looks like that the Advanced Ajax Page loader options are enabled. Please disable those options and the search should work normally after 😉

    You can do that on the “General Options->Advanced Ajax Page Loader options” tab.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    cool working.
    how could i remove the space created from the results widget?

    or how could i add the results short code to the top of each content page without a space when hidden?

    Thank you Ernest



    i found a solution thanks.



    That extra space is coming from the container element in which the search shortcode is placed. It has 10px margin and 10px padding, which adds up to 40px extra space:

    By moving the shortcode from the container or removing the padding and margin should solve the problem.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    cool better solution than i though…



    howto crop or handle results images to avoid squeeze it?

    short woocommerce product description in results, at the moment it shows the long description. search for “Souciere” to show “lange Beschreibung” = long description

    more results!? link shows error
    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /kunden/ on line 240



    Is the long description stored in a custom field or somewhere else? You can assign a custom field for the description field on the “Advanced Options” panel:

    Is the more results error fixed? I can’t see it if I click on the more results link anymore.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    more results are fixed

    when search for Glaskunst the images get squeezed or croped
    how to avoid this? see



    HI Ernest,

    height = 100px no width shows the image completely but than the despription not begin in one line. see picture please.


    PS: the width = 100px and no height



    theme settings / icons, just remove the space the chooser needs when no chooser is active. at the moment it is hidden by display none.
    also if i want to align it left it stays right.


    I see.

    It looks like that the bfi thumb image library is not able to create picture crops for some reason. Please make sure that the image width and height is set properly to a numeric value on the “General Options -> Image options” tab:

    Those values must be numeric and cannot be empty.

    If the images still stay the same way, that means that there is a permission or process ownership problem with the uploads directory.

    Alternatively, you can switch the image handler to a custom one on the “Caching Options” submenu:
    For this to work correctly you must change permissions on the wp-content/plugins/ajax-search-pro/cache/ folder to at least 755 or 777 via SSH or FTP.

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)



    A) may when click save stay on the saved page.
    i know i can adjust all tabs and the save the complete search.
    i am completely not used to it.

    B) Howto search only in WooCommerce categories and hide products from the search? Why?
    We have weeding lists if a customer (not part of the weeding cicle) search and want to buy a product from the weeding table then he does not get the product (it stays on the weeding table).
    different is the open shop with products for all customers. (regular shop)

    weedinglist name(WooCommerce Categorie) “Stephanie & Johann”
    should be found

    should not be found when untick WooCommerce categorie

    Autocomplete source = search statistic
    on search “küchenartikel” why it shows google suggests?



    HI Ernest, please answer the questions above.
    not easy, but essential for me.



    d) when i adjust the woo product to show only in catalog but not in search it still occures in results what can i do?

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