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    your plugin seems like a great product, bought it, i just WISH I COULD USE IT.

    1. obviously you think its the easiest thing to configure…i hate to break the bad news…I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO USE IT AT ALL, in the back of my mind i keep thinking…AND I BOUGHT IT, didnt get it for free

    2. soooooooooo many options to this thing, i cant even get it to show the search box on my site, ive went through the settings, made and saved the changes, NOTHING HAPPENS.

    3. as i pull my hair out of my skull i keep thinking… i actually bought this thing, I DIDNT GET IT FOR FREE.

    4. conveniently you dont provide customizing support, in short…IM FUCKED

    5. im gonna give it a shot…while you are contemplating telling me to fuck, maybe you might just remember that I ACTUALLY THIS PLUGIN, and in your infinite knowledge of this plugin, who knows, you might just lean towards understanding that i bought the plugin to use it, not to have it sitting in my plugin drawer doing nothing…

    i tried it out as a widget, it shows up BUT…it wont display results, everything i search for (data on my site) it says NOTHING can be found.

    maybe, just maybe you can remember that i wp-dreams doesnt give out this plugin as a freebie, you are selling it and therefore there should be a certain level of accountability towards ppl who buy your product.

    1 pic is the widget, another one is an example of how i would like the search to display on my site…eys, yes yes yes yes yes i got it, YOU DONT PROVIDE CUSTOMIZATION SUPPORT…while i pull my hair out of my skull thinking “maybe i shouldnt have bought this, i would like it to JUST SIMPLY work but goddamn itsa proving itself to be a nuisanse to what im trying to ACHIEVE”

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    We do not think that the plugin is easy to use at all, we are aware, that there are lot of features and options on the back-end to choose from. For that matter, there is a full front-end and an admin demo avaiable before purchase, so the customer can try almost every feature before buying the product. This is referenced on many of the demo pages, as well as the menu and the product description page.

    We do not provide customization service out of convenience, that is not the reason. We have limited resources, emplyees with families to pay, and a customization service is simply not something we could afford. I wish it was so easy.
    Not providing customization does not mean we do not provide support. Customization in this case mean (major) direct changes to the plugin code, or changes that are not possible with minor modifications.

    I would like to ask you to please be more respectful. Cursing will not do you any good. I understand the frustration if something does not work the way you want it out of the box, but we are here to help you.

    If you wish, we can continue this discussion, but please be respectful.
    Under the Theme Options -> Overall box layout panel, there is a theme chooser drop-down field. If you scroll down, and select the Demo – Home main search option, then it will load the exact same theme as the one used on the demo home page:

    If you are not seeing any results, then make sure the correct post types are selected for searching. By default configuration, the plugin returns posts and pages. Under the General Options -> Sources panel, you can choose which post types you want to see in the live results list:
    I also suggest checking the General Settings documentation section as well, in case there are other data types you wish to see in the results.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    i finally figured it out, it works

    apologies on my choice of words and approach, i did not think the plugin required a bit of attention to the details of its inner working to get it to work, its a bit of a curve ball, definitely a different experience…but it is all worth it NOW THAT IVE FIGURED IT OUT

    great plugin, exactly what i needed, the learning curve was a bit of a shock and caused me some frustration for a moment.

    thanks you for your reply, again, great plugin, worth the money spent


    No problem, you are welcome 🙂

    I have marked your tickets as resolved, I will leave this one open for a bit, in case you have other questions.

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

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