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    I have purchased the Ajax Search Pro plugin and want to have it working like it should, but i cannot get it to work properly,

    My goal is to type something in the searchbar on my product archive pages, press enter, and let it redirect to the search results page and see the results i was searching for, and let people continue from there.

    But this is the situation at the moment:

    I type something in my search bar, i get redirected to the results page, but i do Not see the results, i just see all my products, But the word i was searching for is in the searchbar.

    Some more details about the page setup:

    I have a Product Page Archive with my woocommerce products, with the searchbar above the products, (made with the shortcode) that is linked to the products widget from elementor pro on the search results page.

    On the search results page, i also have the same searchbar, with below that the product widget, that is connected with the searchbar as mentioned before.

    But for some reason the 2 searchbars (the one on the product archive page, and the one on the results page) are not connecting with each other correctly.

    The searchbar does work correctly on the results page though.

    I hope you can help me with this.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    There are 2 images attached with the pages

    Best regards,

    Thijs van Velsen

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    Thank you for the details!

    It is a bit hard to tell only via screenshots, but my guess is, that the search override feature needs to be enabled. That should very likely change the output on the results page.

    Ernest Marcinko

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