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    I am making a client’s site 508 Compliant and accessible for users with disabilities, and was wondering how to add a compliant form field label for the search form. I don’t see an option in the settings to have a label set for the input field, such as <label for=”search”>Search</label> and have the ‘for’ attribute of the label match the ID or class of the search input field. Here is an article detailing more about what I’m referring to:

    Is this possible with the plugin, or is there any kind of function I can run to render the label needed?


    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    Unfortunately the plugin is currently missing many WCAG compliance features. The elements are mostly placed without the form control lables because of the script controller/design and layout. I am however working on alternative solutions, currently the free version of the plugin is mostly compliant, as the form input title attributes and aria-labels are implemented. With the Pro version this is a bit more complicated, as there are many different dynamic filters included. (every search instance can have multiple copies, which makes labeling + ID-ing really dificcult)

    To answer your question, the only was for now is to make direct changes to the plugin template files.
    The file you are looking for is wp-content\plugins\ajax-search-pro\includes\views\asp.shortcode.probox.php on your server. Specifically lines 76-82:

    Instead of adding a label tag, I highly suggest using the aria-label attribute instead – as changing the HTML output layout may cause script and styling conflicts:

    I will try to implement as much title/aria-label attributes to the upcoming release as possible, so making these modifications will not be neccessary in the future.

    Ernest Marcinko

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