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    If you make a search for any phrase/word NOT found in the db.. ie ‘elephant’ the ajax pop-up shows ‘no results’ correctly BUT if you press enter/click through to the search results page it returns ALL the website page/s content.

    Real keywords that are in the DB work fine… so searching for ‘nfl’ the search page shows what the AJAX pop-up did and works and returns fine.

    We’re searching specifically for a custom post type ‘products’ which has fields built with Advanced Custom Field (

    Thanks for the help!




    Thank you for contacting me with this, it was indeed a small bug with the new version. I have made a minor modification to the search code, and it should work now correctly. This bugfix is going to be added to the next upcoming version, so you don’t need to worry about it when updating.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thanks for the update and most of all the fix!

    Also as a side note – it would be great/handy if the plugin supported a left/right float/align option for the magnifying icon. I see there is one for the ‘Settings icon position’ and although it’s easy enough to change the magnifying icon with a css float it would be great if it was an option in the settings!

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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