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    In the attached screenshots, you can see the styling of the results is different. It is supposed to be like the image Ajax-2. White on black with plenty of spacing, so the titles are easy to read and don’t merge with each other. However, about 30% of the time, I get the results as in image Ajax-1. Not very pretty.

    On top of that, when the results don’t display properly, it is much slower and needs a lot more characters before it starts displaying results. For example, earlier I was searching for the movie insidious. When it is working correctly, I only need to type ‘in’ and it starts displaying results. When it is not working correctly, I need to type almost the whole word before it shows any results.

    The problem is inconsistent and can’t be replicated easily so I’m hoping you’ve heard of this before and know what it is. The issue is the same on mobile also. Thank you.

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    Thank you for the details!

    I checked the javascript error console, and I immediately noticed something when triggering a search. It was pointing to an error within the plugin script files, however to a line of code, which is non-existent in the actual plugin scripts.
    It appears, that there is a 3rd party service/minify/CDN or something similar, which is altering the plugin scripts, pushing some sort of a polyfill code to it, but it does not work:
    On the screenshot above, the underlined section does not exist within the original plugin script files, it was altered by something. I suggest excluding our plugin files from that feature if possible, it will very likely resolve the issue as well.

    Ernest Marcinko

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