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    Finally got ver 2.4 installed successfully. Don’t know why it broke my site last time, but I’ve had a lot of updates since, so maybe it was another plugin conflict that was fixed…

    Anyhow, love the new look and feel of your plugin – if only it would fetch search results!

    For some reason, the search is going through (I can see it successfully on the search statistics page), but the results are not coming through the search bar.

    If you go to this link, you’ll see what I mean:

    here are some words that should definitely hit: jam, drone, story…

    I guess there is code interfering with the plugin on the page somewhere, but I’m not an expert!

    Please help,



    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko

    Hi David!

    Funny thing, that I get results when I’m logged in. Somehow the non-logged in action hook is detached or conflicted most likely by another plugin, I can’t tell yet.

    Can you please provide temporary ftp access as well? I will do a step-by-steb debugging on the search code, maybe I can find something.

    Ernest Marcinko

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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