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    I just updated from 4 to 4.5.. After the update the searches are not working anymore.
    Neither does the autosearch start nor does something happen when I click on the Search Button.
    I went through all the the of the “suche home” instance and pressed the save button too.
    To test, the search can be found on the homepage just underneath the big slider.

    I did an export before updating, but did not try the import yet.

    regards, Oliver



    I tested different Browsers. Chrome and IE are fine. Firefox is the one not working, neither on Win (vers. 39) nor on Mac.

    regards, Oliver


    Hi Oliver!

    I cannot see a link or private details on this ticket, so I can’t check the page. Could you please fill in temporary back-end details so I can check the problem?

    This sounds like a javascript issue to me.

    It’s hard to tell the cause, but you can try the following things:

    • Make sure your browser cache is cleared. You can do that by refreshing the page with CTRL+SHIFT+R on chrome.
    • If you have a cache plugin enabled, make sure you cleared the cache (page cache, object cache, minify cache, everything).
    • Disable your cache plugins temporarly and see if it works then. I’m using W3TC myself, it takes sometimes 12-24 hours to the page and minify cache to propagate, which may cause these issues
    • If you use Cloudflare or any other CDN service, you might have to clear that cache as well
    • Deactivate and activate the plugin again, sometimes it helps to clear WordPress transients
    • Deactivate, delete and re-install the plugin. Don’t worry the search instances won’t be deleted.

    You can also try one more thing:
    Go to the Compatibility Settings panel, and change the Javascript source option to something else. You can try all four possilbe values, one might force the browser to clear it’s cache.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Hi Ernest,

    indeed a cache issue. Your proposals solved my issue. Thanks a lot!
    An dagain: a really great Plugin!!!!! I love it, and I checked quite a few other solutions before…

    regards, Oliver

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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