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    I have several questions:

    1. Is it possible to make the results windows wider than the search bar?

    2. I use ${_price} in the Advanced Title Field for WooCommerce product search. But this variable doesn’t use the price format, which i choose in WooCommerce. It is $xx.xx, but i use xx,xx €. It it possible that your plugin uses the WooCommerce price settings? Also price ranges for variations are not shown.

    3. I want to use one search bar for pdf search. I use a plugin to categorize the media files. So i have a category A with some PDFs and one category with some PDFs. Is it possible to limit the search to category A?

    4. For product search i need to search variation SKUs. But i want that a variation is only shown when the SKU matches the search term. In all other instances, the only the parent product should be shown. Is this possible?


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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    1. Yes, by forcing a minimal width on the results box higher than the search box with a custom CSS, like so:

    div[id*=ajaxsearchprores] {
        min-width: 400px;

    2. That field is to display custom field values, but it cannot follow formatting and other guides, as it gets the values directly from the databse. For this, it’s better to use a custom filter function instead. To do that, put this custom code snippet into the function.php file in your active theme directory:

    3. Well, attachments doesn’t have categories by default, but it might be possible. On the Advanced Options -> Exclude results panel there is an option to Include post type results from certain categories only:

    4. I’m not sure, it might be possible with a custom filter. If I understand correctly, you want to remove the variations if the parent product is present. In that case, try maybe this code snippet:

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