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    We’ve just learned that the Search Pro plugins is responsible for a lot of load requests and slowing down our site. This is from the Flywheel hosting support….

    “I’ve dug into the site’s Slow Log, where we track when individual requests take longer than 5+ seconds to complete loading, I do see that the “/plugins/pdf-print-pro” is spewing a loooot of entries. This means that this plugin is a likely culprit which contributes to ongoing site slowness since it has over 230 unique instance of it directly causing over 5 seconds of delay when loading a page. For the Print PDF Pro plugin, we’re seeing references to the following function: file_get_contents() /www/wp-content/plugins/pdf-print-pro/mpdf/mpdf.php:11810 This basically says “I took a while to retrieve the contents of a remote file”. Since your site is in a Cloud environment, any sort of “file” based PHP function is going to take longer, which is why file-based functions are not recommended for Cloud environments, so the slowness here is a known issue that the plugin developer should avoid for cloud-based clients where possible.”

    What can you tell us about this issue? Can you help with this?



    The flywheel support is referring to plugins/pdf-print-pro directory and a file in there, which is not this plugin. From the directory name and a google search I got this plugin name: PDF & Print Pro by BestWebSoft
    Please contact their support with this issue.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Oh my gosh – this is what happens when you become sleep deprived. I’m so sorry. The message we received from Flywheel regarding your plugin is this part of the report:

    As for other slowness, we’re seeing about equal amounts of slow intstances stemming from “ajax-search-pro” plugin. This is likely the direct culprit behind the server-wide slowness since this plugin is hitting your database quite hard and fast, resulting in your database being strained immensely, often resulting in it maxing out the database and leaving it exhausted. This is bad because it means that ANY interaction to the database, whether that be someone searching, or someone making adjustments to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. This sort of slowness can be seen here:
    and here

    I’m so sorry for the confusion. I’ll reach out to them with the other text I originally sent to you.. It was a very long hard day – my apologies.


    No problem 🙂 That makes sense now. I recommend checking the Fine tuning the search configuration guide. Especially the suggestions in chapter 1, as well as the index table engine. I believe Tthe index table engine in your case will make a huge difference – at it uses much faster, more optimized queries.
    There is also a possibility to use a file/database cache – this can be useful for common repetitive queries.

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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