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    We’ve got some questions while building our search forms
    We decided to put 3 searches

    1. WordPress general search. Works perfect

    2. Search content inside Word files. Here is where problems arise. I’ve enabled Media Service option and set Post limit per iteration = 5 in the Index Table page, but when I Create the new index, I get random error 500 in Chrome’s console until the generation finishes (some times I get error at the end).
    I’ve read docs and also tried with Post limit per iteration = 1 but with similar results.
    I’ve also disabled Media Service and using local parsers. Most of the times the index creates OK but all the times I’ve tried I’ve got random error 500 in admin-ajax in browser console, as you can see in the image attached

    My questions for this search would be:
    – Is there any way to get which is the cause for those error 500?
    – How can I know if the process indexed all the files? Is there a way to get the list of files that were indexed?

    3. Search content inside one file.
    We want our users to be able to search for keywords contained in one 30mb Word File. This file has a long list of conferences, links, etc. that also has internal links from our website.

    My questions for this search would be:
    – Is there any way to force this search to look for keywords only inside one specific file?
    – If so, is there any way to give user some context for the searched keywords? I mean, to tell user where the keywords are located inside the file, etc.?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    2. The most likely cause is that the Free version of the media parser is limited to 10MB per file. In this case the parser is bypassed for files over 10MB and the plugin automatically uses the local parsers. For large files like 30MB+ it can take a lot of time and a huge amount of memory to process, and the server may time out – which could lead to the error 500 code.
    On the other hand it does not mean the process does not finish (only the response takes so much time, that it reports an error), from the screenshots I am almost 99% sure the indexing finished, as it shows that all files have been indexed and the amount of keywords is very high.

    Listing the files is not possible on the back-end, you can check the database if you want to, in the wp_asp_index table if you group or select distinctively by the “doc” column, that will list you the post/attachment IDs indexed:

    SELECT doc FROM 'wp_asp_index' GROUP BY 'doc' ORDER BY 'doc' DESC

    The stats on the screenshot also say that there are 0 items not indexed, so it should be okay.

    3. It is possible to show the context in the live results, but only if the file contents were parsed via the media service feature, as that is the only way to get accure file contents. That is then stored locally and used as the content field. In your case the local parser is used because of the file sizes, so that will not work unfortunately.

    Ernest Marcinko

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