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    Love, love, LOVE Ajax Search Pro for WP.

    Question: we use Swift Ideas’ Cardinal theme that uses a custom page builder (Swift Builder). Like other builders (Headway, Visual Bakery, etc), they replace the editor content with their custom editor so that Ajax Search Pro’s results do not pickup a description, picking up the name of the container (1/1) or (row), etc or nothing at all – instead of the desired custom excerpt to display in the results.

    While there are switches to turn on and off Author, Date, Description Is there a way to assign a specific custom field to be displayed? For example, sf_custom_excerpt, or custom excerpt or excerpt instead of using the description from the default editor?

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    I see you use the latest version, which actually might be able to pick up stuff from the content builder. When I check the source of the description in the results, I see a few unfinished HTML tags, which might cause the description not to show up.

    I was not able to log in with the details, can you please check them? Also, I have a suggestion which might fix the problem. Open the Advanced Options -> Content panel. Then remove everything from the text field next to the HTML Tags exclude from stripping content option. Also, make sure that the Run shortcodes found in post content option is enabled. Like so:

    This should remove all HTML tags possible from the content, leaving only the text visible.

    On the same option panel you can also select to display custom field content instead of the description:

    Ernest Marcinko

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