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    I want to use AjaxSearchPro in the administration area of wordpress to power-up the user search.
    I tried using the shortcode in my admin page but it appears the necessary JS and CSS is not loaded.
    What do I need to enqueue in order for the plug-in to work within wp-admin?



    There is no guarantee it will work on the back-end as it is fully designed for front-end use only.

    You can try enqueueing this CSS file:

    wd_asp()->upload_path . asp_get_css_filename('instances')

    ..and this JS file:

    ASP_URL . "js/min/jquery.ajaxsearchpro-noui-isotope-sb.min.js"

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    Using those I was able to get the url to the files and I added them like this:


    However as you anticipated, it’s not working.
    It’s a shame because the search is much more powerful then the one available within wp-admin.

    Can I suggest to consider this as a feature for a future version?
    The plug-in could easily replace the search on all standard WordPress admin panels for posts, pages, users.

    You could possibly include a configurable widget in the dashboard that would show an instance of Ajax Search Pro that would link to the “editing” screen instead of the front-end screen for each resource.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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