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Ernest Marcinko


The shadow issue is actually caused because the row display mode is inline-block, and the plugin displays as a block by default with a 100% width, causing a shift in the inline-block layout.
My best suggestion is to use this custom CSS to force inline-block layout on the search container, as well as smaller width and centering on the parent element:

#header .container > .row {
	text-align: center;

#header .container .asp_main_container {
	width: 400px;
	display: inline-block;
	margin: 20px auto;

That’s just a suggestion, full integration might be more difficult.

1. If you are not using google keyword suggestions, then the results are parsed from your server, so the response time is equivalent with the server performance. In case you are on a shared host or a lower package VPN, lots of data (over 5-10k records), or using high amounts of plugins, I do not recommend using the autocomplete, or rather using google keyword suggestions as the source.

On the good news side, I’m working on an ‘instant’ feature for both search and autocomplete results, to bypass ajax search, if instant results are available.

2. It was simply because on the General Options -> Ordering panel the order was set to the default, Relevance as primary, and date as secondary. I’ve changed them, now it will sort by date first.

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

Ernest Marcinko

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