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Hi Ernest,

Somehow, the ‘AND’ logic is not functioning correctly in Frontend Settings, ‘Logic Between taxonomy groups’. We also tried to have ‘Primary’ as well as ‘Secondary’ search in General Options to ‘AND’ logic, still, it doesn’t work.

For.e.g. When we go on further refining search options, the no. of results need to come down. Hence, we are trying to work with ‘AND’ logic, but it’s not working. By selecting AND logic, it just shows ‘No Results’.

For instance, we have 6 Interns (which it shows correctly, upon selecting Interns in Resume Type). Further, we have 1 intern, who has 7.5 – 9.0 GPA (which again it shows correctly, when selected individually). Now, when we combine search results from two taxonomies, by selecting Intern from Resume Type and 7.5 – 9.0 GPA option from Best Academic GPA, the search result should show only 1 result. This is normal course of refining search results further.

Kindly suggest. We know our queries have been doing many rounds and apologies for that.

Best Regards,