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    I have a working staff. For example, Ivan is classified as “managers” (for visitors) and “bad worker” (category for me). Сategory “bad worker” never show up. It is designed for internal use only. When a visitor is looking for a manager, my site is to show him the category of “managers” and as a result should show all managers from this category. But if the visitor enters the query “bad worker”, the site will show him all the bad workers. And it’s very bad. Then I need to exlude the category “bad worker” in the “Advanced Settings”. But then the visitor can not find Ivan for “managers”, because he is “bad worker”.

    How work “Return categories as results” function from Genearal Options/ Source2?
    function get all categoies and return all. How i can filtering categories for returning? it’s realy not possible? So sad. Thanks.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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