July 1, 2015

Web design and development collection #6

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June 15, 2015

Web design and development collection #5

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Virtual Hosts – Beginners guide to Digital Ocean

Ernest Marcinko Hosting, Tutorials 4 Comments

By now we have a working private server with very basic features and a demo user. By default your website is data is accessed from the following directory: /var/www/ So if you open up your server address in your browser the files in this directory are parsed. This is not bad, however if you are planning to use 2 or …

SSH and users – Beginners guide to Digital Ocean

Ernest Marcinko Hosting, Tutorials Leave a Comment

After successfully creating your droplet, you should receive an email from digital ocean with your root credentials. Something like: Now you have your root access to your server. Using however this root access all the time is not safe, so the first thing we are going to do is create another user. For that we need a terminal program, or …

CSS :not() vs. jQuery :not() – not the same

Ernest Marcinko jQuery, Tutorials 2 Comments

Most of you might already have heard of pseudo classes in CSS, might as well about the :not() negation pseudo class as well. It does what it sounds like it does, selects an element, which is not represented by it’s argument. It’s important to notice that it can only take a simple selector. Keep in mind, that there might be better and …

Removing unwanted output from ajax responses

Ernest Marcinko jQuery, Tutorials 1 Comment

This article is might be helpful to WordPress or other CMS plugin developers, where your plugin/module/theme get’s to meet with lot’s of other 3rd party plugins/modules/themes. It’s a great thing, that these CMS systems give you the opportunity to build your website, however these 3rd party applications might not work together well, no one can guarantee that. Often times I …

Responsible WordPress plugin development – More compatibility, less support tickets

Ernest Marcinko Tutorials, Wordpress 1 Comment

The wordpress plugin database is now filled with thousands of plugins. In my first few months of development I encountered lots of incompatibility issues, I almost recieved a support ticket after each selling. Altough you cannot make a plugin that is 100% compatible with all the other plugins in the repository, but you can and must try to make it …