Reply To: 9) Incompatible with WP Rocket


Ernest Marcinko

Interesting. That possibly means that the media query string is always re-generated, and it only happens on one condition, if the Force Inline Styles option is activated, or the debug mode is enabled.

I don’t think the debug mode is on for the plugin, so it must be the inline styles. To turn it off, go to the Compatibility options submenu, and turn off the Force inline styles option:

Please note that this automatically turns on if there are permission issues on the upload folder. For that, make sure to check the if the wp-content/uploads/asp_upload/ folder exists and it’s writeable (some files should be in it). If not, then you should create it manually and chmod it to 0777.
If there was a problem with the folder, then after correcting it, check the “Force inline styles” option again, so it’s turned off.

Ernest Marcinko

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