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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


From the responses it appears to me, that the search is only searching the standard posts right now (for some reason). Are you sure, that you have configured it correctly? Please check the “Search in custom post types” option on the general options tab, and that you have corretly selected which post types do you want to search.

From the ajax call’s post head


I’m guessing you have seelected the “verastaltung” and the “themenreihe” post type?
If so, then could you please check the status of these posts? (are they published, drafts, thrashed or anything else)

All I can think of is that the status of the post types is maybe different from “published”, thus the SQL query is ignoring them from the results. I’m not sure 🙂

Let me know!

Ernest Marcinko

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