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Ernest Marcinko


There is no variation with this exact SKU: “040-7205”, there is only: “01-040-7205-0”, which is a non-exact match for a relevant product.
In fact, none of them will match, because you have the “Exact matches” enabled:
This means that the regular engine is used always, as it is explained below the option.

If you turn off the Exact matches, the index table engine will be used, but it still will not match, because as I explained earlier, middle word matching is not possible with that engine.

My suggested solution
1. Try this configuration:
(turning off exact matches, choosing AND keyword logic)

2. ..and also, use this code as well, in the functions.php file in your theme (copy from line 3):

This will remove the dashes from input, and change them to space characters. For example, “040-7205” will become “040 7205”, and the search will:
– Check for both “040” and “7205” for matches, and return only that match both keywords
– Will return the original product, because the SKU is indexed for the variations as well.

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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