Reply To: Custom CSS isn't working


Ernest Marcinko

Hi Amber,

The reason might be, that I believe I tailored those rules for one specific search instance, with the ID of 6, if I recall correctly.
Below I will pase a universal version of them, should be affecting any of the search instances. For the full explanations please refer to this previous topic.

Right-left layout, solution 1

.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings {
  max-width: 10000px !important;
.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings form {
  justify-content: flex-end !important;

Right-left layout, solution 2

.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings {
  float: right !important;

Safari glow-effect select boxes

.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings form select {
  -webkit-appearance:none !important;

#page-container div.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings form select,
#page-container div.wpdreams_asp_sc.searchsettings form select {
  border: 1px solid  #adadad !important;
  background: white !important;
  color: #424242 !important;
  max-width: 190px;
  float: right;

These should work now!

Ernest Marcinko

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