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Michael Samson

Hi Ernest,

Sorry for the slight delay in me getting back to you. I’ve been pretty busy here that last two days working on a project.

I just read through all your responses. My compliments on not missing anything, as we are speaking about many features/issues simultaneously. Your level of support here really is fantastic, and I appreciate it very much!

Below I am outlining every single item that we’re working on as briefly as possible so we can track it all…


Question 1 / Parts 1-3

After reading your comments on the advantages to having just one folder for the search cache and css, I agree, this makes more sense. I was thinking more about the organization, and not how efficient it was. I agree with you now on this.

Since there would just be the two folders, you could name them this way:

asp_cache_images (instead of bfi_thumb)
asp_cache_results (instead of asp_upload)

The css would still be stored in the same folder as search results, but I still think it makes sense to name the folder as a cache.

Please also take note of my recommendations for renaming settings in the Caching Options screen (it was Question 1 / Part 3)

Post-Format Filter Missing Default Format (Article)

I’m not surprised this was a more complex issue within the context of this particular plugin. With that said, thank you so much for tackling this issue head-on and getting it into the next release. This is going to make the post-format filters work the way they should. It’s just too bad that WordPress has made this difficult for us with the non-format post-format. 😉

Flicker Problem for Icon Overlay in Isotopic Search Results

You should be able to replicate this pretty easily by using a slightly larger SVG image than your default.

Feature to Disable the Isotopic Default Image

Thank you for creating a solution to this. I simply want to disable this image completely from displaying.

CSS Issue Tied to the “nav.asp_navigation” Element

I fixed this already on my end, but just a note to remind you about it.

Filter Results by Content Type (or Grouping Ability) for Isotopic Search Results

We’re in full agreement that a filter is the best approach to this problem. Please make sure when you create this filter that it has it’s own column and header in the settings screen. I’m assuming you’ll build in the ability to control exactly what filter options appear on the front-end.

Customizable Headers in Settings Screen for “Generic Selectors” and Date Filters

Just a reminder that this simple feature is needed. I just realized that the date filters column could also benefit from having a customizable header (something like “Filter by Date”). You could just use “Filter by Date” for the date column (not customizable), and make the generic selectors column customizable (since this is more open-ended as to what you would name it).

Linking Attachment Search Results to Parent Posts

This is kind of a make or break issue for us using attachments at all. We’re building a new social media platform which is largely based on user posts and media content. The attachments feature is great because it can bring up so many more relevant search results by looking only at the attachment names. I like this a lot! But those attachment results must link back to their source, which is the post pages in our case.

The question is, how is the search actually finding the attachments? It is looking only in the /uploads directory?

This in of itself may become an issue for us because we’re about to start pushing the user-based uploads to an S3 bucket. They won’t be stored in the actual /uploads folder any longer. We’re going to be using the WP Offload S3 plugin for this. It will be interesting to see how this affects the search ability for attachments.

Assuming this doesn’t cause problems, we still need to have these attachments link back to their parent post pages. Doesn’t WordPress associate the files in the media library with the post pages it comes from? I thought it did. If that’s the case it should be possible to have the attachments link back to their parent posts. Just so you know, our attachments are not on pages… only in posts. I hope we can make this work on our site. Otherwise we can’t display attachments at all in the search.

Attachments Not Displaying When Using the Index Table

I checked and we do indeed have “Attachments” added to the post-types. This appears to be a bug in this new feature. I’m sure you’ll get this fixed with more testing. In the meantime I’ll leave the attachments set to use the standard search method.

Automatic Image Loading for Category and Tag Search Results

We’re still working on this one. It’s one of many upcoming tasks that my developers will take care of.


That’s everything you and I are working on. Thank you again for providing such amazing support and being willing to take suggestions.

All my best,

~ Michael