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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Fortunately the pages are there, just the url is messed up somehow. Unfortunately I cannot edit the plugins/ajax-search-pro/ajax-search-pro.php file with the plugin editor, but I’m 100% sure, that it’s only related to the menu creator.

I can only guess for possible errors and solutions, for starters you should try to edit the plugins/ajax-search-pro/ajax-search-pro.php file, on line 113 you should see this:

if (!defined("EMU2_I18N_DOMAIN")) define('EMU2_I18N_DOMAIN', "");

Try to change it to:

if (!defined("EMU2_I18N_DOMAIN")) define('EMU2_I18N_DOMAIN', "ajax-search-pro");

Also, please check if you can find an error_log file in the ajax-search-pro main directory – that may cointain some information about this.

Ernest Marcinko

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