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You were both right and I have found the cause if this problem. There was an error in the query, and the search looked for ever custom post type that matched “product”. Luckily it’s a minor issue, and it only happens in this case, but here is the solution:

1. open up the plugins/ajax-search-pro/includes/search_content.class.php file and go to line 46 to 49 you should see this:

            } else {
                $words = implode('|', $types);
                $post_types = "($wpdb->posts.post_type REGEXP '$words')";

2. replace that code with:

            } else {
                $words = implode('[[:>:]]|[[:<:]]', $types);
                $post_types = "($wpdb->posts.post_type REGEXP '[[:<:]]".$words."[[:>:]]')";

I just run a few tests on the test server, and it worked fine.

I will upload this fix to codecanyon as soon as possible as well. Thank you for reporting this issue, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Ernest Marcinko

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