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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


As I examined closely the code I sent you, it looks like the forum put a few extra spaces in it – yet that’s not what I copy pasted here. I will rather attach the fixed and packed plugin to this post, rather then copy pasting the code here. All you need to do deactivate the old one, delete it, install this one and save the settings once again, just to make sure.

As for the keywords: Do you have the search statistics activated? Because it’s disabled by default. If so, then try to de-activate and activate it again. Hopefully it’s just some kind of inconsistency of the settings towards the front-end.

Also, don’t forget, that there are two types of “keyword suggestions”:
First is the autocomplete, which can use the search statistics database or google as the source – this triggers while typing.
The second is the keyword suggestions when no results are found – this shows a dropdown when there are no results, but can only use google, not the statistics database. (hopefully in the future I can work out something to use the statistics as well)

I’m saying this, because a while ago someone mixed up the two options, and indeed it can be confusing because of the similar functions.

Ernest Marcinko

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