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Hi Ernest,

Thanks for your previous help but the search isn’t work how my client would like if I tell you how we want it to work then maybe you can let me know the way it needs to be set up?

My clients ways the search function to only search the custom fields search_terms as you already know. This is so we can make the search very strict and only add the terms we want to the relevant pages meaning ultimately the user only has one or two search results to choose from. All the keywords have been added into the relevant pages into the search_terms field but it doesn’t seem to be working. If you search for ‘fibreglass grating’ the only page we want to be returned is this page as this is the only page we have the search phrase on but as you can see this page isn’t being returned. The returned results do have the term ‘fibreglass grating’ in the custom field but not on it’s own they are part of a longer tail term like ‘Fibreglass Grating Fixings’. Another example of this is ‘roof walkways’ the only page we would like to show in the results is this page but it doesn’t show at all.

They would also like the search to work in a way that we can specify exact match single work search as well so if someone searched for ‘decking’ this only returns the pages we have added ‘decking’ into as a keywork and not ‘composite decking’ for eample is this also possible?

If you need to know anything else let menow but if you can let me know the settings we need to get the search to work as we want that would be great.

Many thanks,