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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’m fully booked for the next 2 years, I can’t accept customization requests unfortunately.

You might want to look at using the filters, for example:

You can access and modify the results url with a code like:

add_filter( 'asp_results', 'asp_change_link_results', 1, 1 );
function asp_change_link_results( $results ) {

  foreach ($results as $k=>$v) {
    // Modify the post links
    $results[$k]->link  = "your custom link here...";
  return $results;

The HTML output is generated in the JS files from the ajax requests. For a modal window to work I guess you might need to change that as well. In file wp-content-plugins/ajax-search-pro/js/nomin/jquery.ajaxsearchpro.js you will find functions like: createVHResult, createIsotopicResult, createPolaroidResult
These are the ones responsible for creating one result for each layout.

To apply JS changes you need to change the javascript source, because by default the minified-scoped version is used. You can do that on the compatibility settings submenu:

Ernest Marcinko

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