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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I just looked at the search main source. Is this happening on the post editor page?
Currently the built in UI is only loaded on the search backend pages and on the post editor.

However I’m not sure why I enabled it on the post editor, it might have been a mistake. If you open the plugins/ajax-search-pro/ajax-search-pro.php and go to line 85 where you should see this:

require_once(ASP_PATH . "/backend/settings/");

then try to comment out that line, because I believe it’s not necessary to include that file there:

//require_once(ASP_PATH . "/backend/settings/");

Try to refresh the page, and the UI and all the other js and stylesheet files should be gone on the editor page afterwards.
Let me know if this was indeed the issue, so I will add it to the bugfix list.

Ernest Marcinko

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