Reply To: Search is very slow


Hi there!

Ok, seems that the search works most of the time properly. But sometimes, especially the search while typing is very slow. Also in some cases when I typed a phrase and hit enter I get an internal server error.
You could have a try here: (product search)
and here: (search products, pages and posts)

Strange, I provided the admin and ftp-details allready in my initial post, obviously it’s gone. :/

– The database size is 7.3MB. There are about 7 products and 21 published posts, only. (Will be over 100 posts after finishing the website construction)
– It’s a shared web hosting
– type of content: products, posts, pages
– I tried to use the cache system, but it was producing a lot of bugs, so I deactivated it again, I also tried fulltext search options but it did not change anything
– response speed test:
Tested from New York City: 7.25s, 7.10s (86/100 perf. grade)
Tested from Amsterdam: 2.64s, 2.18s, 3.35s (88/100)

And one last question: How could I determine a custom search page. I don’t want to use the default one. I allready checked the box override default wordpress search-page. ans created a new page. But if I set the redirect URL to a custom page like /suche?s={phrase} I get a 404 error although the page exists.
Do I have to copy the search.php and customize it?

thank you!