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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Hi again!

1. “Higher but smaller” – smaller in which dimension? The items are smaller?
2. with a small CSS snippet:

.promagnifier {
    display: none;

3. This is a bit more complicated issue. I can see you are using custom CSS to keep the search open if the visitor hovers over the “#menu-search” element. This works fine with child elements.
The settings and the results elements are not siblings, children nor adjacent to the menu item, therefore it is not possible to target them with CSS. Another problem is that there is no delay to define in css, when the user hovers between 2 different elements. The only possible solution I can see here is some kind of custom javascript code.
Here is a basic solution, which might work:

var t;
$( "#menu-search, .vertical.ajaxsearchpro, .ajaxsearchpro.searchsettings" ).hover(
  function() {
      'width': '250px'
  }, function() {
    t = setTimeout(function(){
        'width': '0'
    }, 1500);

However you will have to think through all possibilities and action and the expected turnout as well. This is just a very basic solution, it might get much more complicated.

4. I will make a blog post once it’s finalized.

Ernest Marcinko

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