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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Hi Patrik!

Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to announce that today I’m finally finishing the upcoming version, which has hundreds of improvements and new options to make the ajax search much faster + it will feature a newly designed index table to use optionally mainly for databases with lots of data.

1. I believe these pages are stored in the posts table just like others, so I’m guessing they must have some kind of numeric ID. If you can find out the ID of these pages, you can enter them on the Advanced Options panel:
I just realized that I should probably rename that option to something like exclude post/page/cpm ID’s, it works with every custom post type.

2. Yes, it’s dependent on server speed + some of these features are being re-worked for better performance (I found better ways of doing suggestions). However, you can probably make an improvement if you enable the custom ajax handler on the Compatibility Settings panel. More information: Fine tuning the search configuration

3. If you don’t have such tags or post titles, then it might be it. Make sure you selected the sources on the Autocomplete subpanel, and not the Keyword suggestions subpanel under the Autocomplete & Suggestion options panel:

4. It’s on the Theme Options – Overall box layout panel, the second option: Search box width

Ernest Marcinko

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