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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


If I understand correctly, You want to replace specific words by alternatives. The only possible way right now is to add a custom filter function to modify the input text silently before it hits the database. A possible function would be:

add_filter('asp_search_phrase_after_cleaning', 'asp_alternate_words', 1, 1);
function asp_alternate_words( $s ) {
  // An array of the originals you want to replace
  $originals = array(
  /* Array of the alternatives
   * .. must be the same number as the originals
   * "word1" is replaced with "alt1"
   * "word2" is replaced with "alt2" etc..
   * */      
  $alternatives = array(
  return str_replace($originals, $alternatives, $s);

Put this to your themes functions.php file. As you can see from the code comments you can add as many words and replacements as you need.

Ernest Marcinko

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