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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Oh god, the WPML again. That plugin is going to haunt me in my dreams I swear.

So I did some debugging, and it turns out, that the function provided by WPML support to get the language of the post by ID is not working, because why not. It was the last thing I was thinking of, I was looking for mistakes in my code, but apparently it’s not my fault this time. The internal WPML function was returning incorrect or no language information, which was later stored in the Ajax Search Pro index table.

I googled around, and found a post by a WPML staff member to a function that will return the language information of a post. Turns out that does not work either. So after examining my test environment and the WPML database tables I came up with a (hopefully) working solution.

I changed the index table code a good bit to implement this new function, which I hope is working correctly. I’ve already re-created the index table, so please test the search again. It should now return the results in the correct, current language as it supposed to do normally 🙂

I hope this solution works, and I can implenent it to the upcoming version finally.

Ernest Marcinko

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