Reply To: Search Results Text Layout


Hi Ernest,

Thank you for your response I read through the articles and reviewed the vertical.php file.
If I create phone number, email and area as custom taxonomies attached to posts can I then add each taxonomy to $r->content_type with <br /> after each?

Also using the “See More Results” feature places the “See More Information” to the very bottom of the box. I wanted to included that term in each individual result box. I noticed that when there is more information to view this appears, –> Is it possible to have it say “See More Information” instead of the symbol.

Sorry I have one more question in regards to the auto complete/suggestions when searching. For example when I search under State and enter “C” it will suggest California, Connecticut, North Carolina and South Carolina. Is there a way to have it only suggest States that the first string/word begins with C therefor excluding North and South Carolina?

Thank you for your time I know I am asking for a lot of information.