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Elijah Lovkoff
Elijah Lovkoff

Thanks Ernest but there are a couple of things missing here:

1. When broswer re-sized the display of Still Lifes and Landscape is cut off (attached C1.jpg)
2. Blocks are not aligned (C2.jpg) – wich is probably related to #3, but this is also weird:
3. There i a block that I had to remove in css:
#ajaxsearchprobsettings11_1 legend {
display: none;
…If I don’t remove it then the page will show the empty field as in Legend.jpg

Page url:

If has a quick fix – great, if it doesn’t, then I’ll tell my client to use one column (My only worry here is tat if there will be 20 categories and I will use ‘push content down, then it would look pretty bad. So probably in the future it might not be a bad idea to have column layout anyway)


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