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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


1. If I get correctly, you want to completely disable the ajax results. No coding is required 🙂
Configure the General Options -> Behavior panel as following:

The search won’t activate when typing, and will redirect to the results page when hitting enter or the search icon.

2. I’m not sure if that is possible, but I guess we can try. I’ve examined the current form, and it redirects to a custom results page, not to the default one.

Form redirection:
Default search:

But, there is an option in Ajax Search Pro that might work without coding. On the same options panel (General Options -> Behavior) there is an option: Redirect to url? The default value is: ?s={phrase}

Based on the url above, change the value to: ?field_c7a95a576f13bbb32f0a479d41c2ae58={phrase}&s=&serialized=1&action=pfs


Let me know if that works!

Ernest Marcinko

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