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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I think I understand what you need, but I think I can’t do anything about it. Let me explain why:

Currenly the plugin is redirecting to this specialized results list, which we discussed before, by editing the url to:


Because of this custom redirection, the plugin search engine is not used. The reason is, that this redirection uses most likely a custom search engine specialized in searching for these shops, and it’s very different from the built in WordPress default search engine. The ajax search pro, can only override the default WordPress search engine, because it’s coded that way. But because this default engine is not used in your case, ajax search pro cannot override it.
Basically what happens now is this:

  • User types in the search query, hits enter button
  • Ajax Search Pro gets the request, and by configuration it redirects to the url given
  • The corresponding theme code recognizes this URL and starts it’s own search
  • After searching the theme displays the results on this specail results page

So in this case ajax search pro is only a mediator to the theme search engine.

The only possible way to look for those fields is to change the configuration or the code of the acting theme search, that displays that special results page. I hope you understand 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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